South African Metal Casting Conference 2017

World Cast in Africa – Innovate for Sustainability

Theme and Conference Programme

Foundries are resource intensive businesses (material, energy, labour) and compete globally in a very competitive market. There are constant pressures to reduce cost, increase quality and comply with environmental legislation. These factors are fundamental to the survival of foundries. In view of this, the theme of the conference programme is World Cast in Africa – Innovate for Sustainability.

The proposed tracks of the conference are:

  • Human Capacity Development
    • New leaderships skills and qualifications
    • Skills development and new direction
    • Operational management
  • Innovation driven by people
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management
  • Strategic Focus
    • Understanding foundry customer requirements
    • Exploring and penetrating new markets
    • What great foundries do differently (ways of cutting costs)
    • Designation and localisation of metal cast components in South African
  • Foundry Capabilities and Infrastructure
    • Optimal product and process design
    • Lean concepts
    • New technology adoption (3D Printing, new novel processes)
    • New materials
    • Matching customer requirements with foundry capabilities
  • Operational Control and Execution
    • Impact of production planning on foundry costs
    • Process control for consistency
    • Maintaining Equipment in a Foundry Environment
  • Environmental Compliance
    • Environmental issues affecting foundries
    • How to become an environmentally compliant foundry
  • Material
    • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Energy
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Energy Management and Monitoring
    • Renewable Energy – alternate sources of energy
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